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Testimonial/Pictures of The Geo Ice Rink Liner

"Here are photos from Sunday, December 18th (the daytime shot) and Thursday, December 22nd (the nighttime shots). The daytime picture is my wife Debbie, our daughter, Diana and the old guy is me. The nighttime shots include the three of us plus son, Bob, his girlfriend, Stephanie, Craig and Connor McClory (in the Penn State jerseys), our nieces, Carrie and Abbie, and nephew, John. The rink has been big time fun. Feel free to use these pictures in the promo and my quotes, if you'd like. Even in the thaw that we are currently experiencing, the ice is "hanging around" and I have no doubt that in the next cold snap, we'll be ready to go in a couple of days. So we are really satisfied.  Thanks again."

"The liner has been super.  Traditionally in Northwest Indiana (we're just below Chicago), you can't skate outdoor until after Christmas. Yesterday was already the 12th day  that we have been able to use the rink. And the ice has been great. The white liner really makes that much of a difference. It got up to 40 degrees yesterday in the daytime and we still got in 2 hours of hockey last night with 9 people.  We'll send pictures later in the season, but I'm convinced that I've made the right decision in going through you.  I too hope that you guys and your families have a wonderful Christmas Holiday and a great 2006!  Thanks again.  Al S."


"We will get you some digital pictures next week. There are some great night shots. I'm 56 years old and have been making backyard ice since I was about 10, so I guess you can say that I've got some experience under my belt. This system is the easiest that I've ever worked with. Sometimes it's just me, or with my wife (we're attorneys by day, backyard winter hockey enthusiasts by night), or with our adult kids, or with about 10 people total. Every day has been fun and good ice has not been an issue. Yesterday was day 14 and even though we're now in a thaw in Chicagoland , I believe that the rink will be up and going as soon as it gets cold again. Better yet , no leaks! Playing ice hockey in our family has always been a big tradition; this system has made the carrying on of that tradition much easier. And you can quote me!" 


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